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Join us on a linguistic voyage with our Online Monthly ESL (English as a Second Language) Session tailored exclusively for marine workers. In the dynamic and multicultural world of maritime industries, effective communication is key. This session aims to equip marine professionals with the language skills necessary for seamless interaction, both on board and in the shipyard. Join us as we navigate through practical English language essentials designed to enhance your communication proficiency in the maritime context.

  • Date: 1/12/2024 06:00 PM
  • Location Online Event



  1. Nautical Vocabulary and Terminology:

    • Dive into essential nautical vocabulary specific to the maritime industry.
    • Learn terminology crucial for effective communication on ships and shipyards.
  2. Daily Communication Scenarios:

    • Practice English language skills in common maritime scenarios.
    • Improve communication in tasks such as navigation, emergencies, and routine shipboard activities.
  3. Safety Communication Protocols:

    • Master the language of safety communication on board vessels.
    • Enhance understanding and expression of safety instructions and protocols.
  4. Emergency Response Language:

    • Develop language skills for effective communication during maritime emergencies.
    • Practice conveying and comprehending emergency instructions in English.
  5. Port Communication and Customs Procedures:

    • Navigate through port-related communication challenges.
    • Learn English phrases for customs procedures, documentation, and interactions in port environments.
  6. Technical English for Shipyard Operations:

    • Improve technical communication skills in shipyard settings.
    • Discuss and practice English used in ship construction, repair, and maintenance.
  7. Cultural Sensitivity in Communication:

    • Understand and navigate cultural nuances in communication.
    • Foster effective cross-cultural communication among diverse maritime teams.
  8. Interactive Language Games and Activities:

    • Engage in interactive language games and activities to reinforce learning.
    • Enjoy a collaborative and engaging online learning experience.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Acquire specialized nautical vocabulary and communication skills.
  • Enhance safety communication proficiency on board vessels.
  • Improve technical English for shipyard operations and maintenance.
  • Boost confidence in navigating various communication scenarios in the maritime industry.
  • Foster a multicultural and inclusive communication environment within maritime teams.

Who Should Attend:

  • Marine Workers and Crew Members
  • Shipyard Personnel
  • Maritime Professionals Seeking Improved English Communication Skills
  • Those Preparing for Maritime Certification Examinations